A Vintage Stratocaster this Christmas

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Buying a Vintage Stratocaster guitar will cost a bomb. After buying gifts for your loved ones, thy pockets might not be deep enough to purchase that vintage guitar that you have been eyeing in that shop window. Let’s look at the other ways you can ‘upgrade’ or relic your existing guitar this holiday season.

Upgrading the look.

The most basic thing that you can do is to relic your guitar’s body and neck. You might need to look at some photos of relic guitars to figure out what type of relic job you like. Ranging from light and medium relic jobs to heavy relics like SRV’s no.1. The article, “Relic your own Guitar”, can also give you an insight to the processes involved.

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The bridge is also another important area that you can upgrade. There are lots of online stores including eBay that sell pre-aged bridges for your guitar. For example, a good, pre-aged looking vintage Telecaster guitar would have a bit of tainting as well as brass saddles with ‘Patent Pending’ stamped on the tray instead of the serial number.
Another great upgrade would be the tuners. They are usually cheap and will give your guitar a nice authentic feel especially if your neck and headstock are also nicely relic’d.

Don’t forget the plastics! Remember your five-way switch is made of plastic and in truth; plastics rarely wear down, at least not visually. You can make an immense difference by changing to a replica model that was used back in the 50s! It’s like the Telecaster has gone through various different plastic five-ways. My advice is to get one that represents your telecaster’s re-issue year.

A greenish or yellowish pick guard also gives your guitar a pretty impressive aged look. If your guitar is of a darker shade, say Black or Dark Blue, a yellowish pick guard will give that guitar a bit of character especially if it is already lightly relic’d. The same goes for the pickup covers.

These are some of the useful tips you could use to relic your guitar without drowning in debt this coming holiday season from buying a Fender Vintage Statocaster or Telecaster guitar.

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